DSST Exam Retake Policy Change

Dear Education Partner,

We are pleased to announce that Prometric has changed its DSST Credit by Exam retake policy
to allow for faster exam retake. Effective today, test takers who have not achieved a satisfactory
score on any DSST exam and would like to retake the same exam title will be able to do so after
a 90-day waiting period.

Three-month reduction! Previously, test takers had to wait 180 days (about 6 months) to
retake a DSST title. The lengthy waiting was the result of the exams being primarily delivered in
paper format as an added security measure. Now that DSST exams are mostly delivered over
Prometric’s secure Internet-based (IBT) platform, Prometric is able to offer the benefit of faster
exam retake waiting periods without sacrificing exam integrity or security. Test takers who
choose to retake the exam will be presented with different, new questions within the same
subject area.

DSST paper exams are also subject to this new policy. Prometric will supply the paper exam
form upon receiving a paper exam request.

How can test takers review their DSST exam history? If test takers want to verify information
about a DSST exam they took, they can:

  • Online exams: Test takers can easily check on their exam history by logging into the Prometric IBT testing site (https://ibt.prometric.com/dsst) and clicking on “Review Scores” to see a complete history of every DSST test they have taken.
  • Paper exams: Test takers can call or email the DSST customer service team to request information about their DSST examination.

Prior to taking any DSST exam, test takers are encouraged to check with their credit-granting institution to verify that the exam will meet their curriculum needs.If you have any questions about the new retake policy, please contact DSST’s customer service team at:

Email: getcollegecredit@prometric.com
Toll Free: (877) 471-9860
Local or international calls: +1 (651) 603-3012

Best regards,

The DSST Team | Prometric