New Password Requirement for IBT Testing

Prometric's IBT system was recently upgraded to include a number of security enhancements related to strengthening password requirements.

Information for Proctors

  1. Your password must be complex!

The new password you create must be at least 8 characters long and include a combination of lower case letters, upper case letters, numbers, and symbol characters (symbol characters accepted: :!@#$%^&*(.,)-=+) before it will be accepted by the IBT system.

  1. Your password is now CASE SENSITIVE!

When creating your password, make it a point to remember exactly how your password appears.

  1. You need to enter BOTH a username AND an e-mail address to restore or reset lost or forgotten passwords!

In order to recover a lost or misplaced password, you (the user) must navigate to your proctor domain and enter both your username and e-mail address. (In the past, a username was all that was required). Upon submitting this information you will receive an e-mail to the address you have entered that will include recovery instructions. (Note that you will be required to click on a link contained within the e-mail you receive in order to retrieve the information necessary to reset your password).

  1. If your password is not recognized, you need to reset your password following the below instructions:

If you continue to experience any login problems, please call our customer line: 877-471-9860 or 651-603-3012

Information for Candidates

  1. If the candidate needs to reset his/her password, they can reset it from the regular DSST testing domain at
  2. Password requirements are the same as for proctors, as detailed above.
  3. The new upgrade includes a new rule for credit card transactions that will benefit candidates. Going forward, credit cards will be authorized when the payment information is entered and charged only once the exam has actually begun.

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