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The Psychology of Self-Teaching: Why Testing Out Makes You A Dream Hire

Being an academic superstar is great, but the unemployment line is full of straight A students who couldn’t hack it on the job. The skills that served them well in school -- following directions, writing papers, sitting still -- were not enough for the new game being played around them.

After years of paying attention to things that don’t predict extraordinary performance, Google has finally identified what does. Not coincidentally, they are the same entrepreneurial traits students develop by taking a self-taught, exam-based path to graduation.

#1: Self-Reliance

What companies like Google are really looking for is the kind of person who takes ownership of a project and knocks it out of the park. Too often, meetings go nowhere because employees tiptoe around problems, hiding behind deflective statements like “let’s ask the boss” or “someone needs to figure this out.” (“Someone”, of course, meaning “anyone but me.”) These employees would rather be stagnant than risk embarrassment. The best employees think of solutions and move forward even if they might be wrong later on.

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How to Study When You’re On the Go

Your exam date is approaching and you feel a rush of panic come over you. You know you are neither prepared nor ready to take the test. What should you do? Cramming for an exam over a short period of time can be detrimental to your performance. Although you may feel like you are learning a lot of information, your brain has no real time to process it all, resulting in a decreased ability to recall information during a timed test. Instead of subjecting yourself to this tactic, try to maximize small down times in your day by quizzing yourself. Here’s how you can study quickly while you’re on the go.

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The Sequester & Your Tuition

Learn how the Sequester is impacting tuition assistance for active military, and how DSST exams remain funded by DANTES.

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Top Tips for Students to De-Stress

The life of a non-traditional student can be quite hectic. These top tips from DSST will help you de-stress, re-focus, and re-energize quickly!

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3 Ways To Get Ahead During Thanksgiving Break

Suggestions from DSST on how to keep your brain sharp over Thanksgiving break and finish the semester with a bang.

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DSST Provides Faster Path to Higher Pay, Lower Unemployment

U.S. workers earn $16,000 more per year with Bachelor's degrees over High School diplomas; unemployment drops to 4.9 percent with Bachelor's degree, 9.4 percent without. DSST exams help students earn college degrees faster and help workers win jobs sooner and with higher pay.

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College Credit By Examination: Is it For You?

Credit by examination programs allow students the opportunity to earn credits towards their undergraduate degree by taking a test. DSST (formerly known as the DANTES exam) and CLEP are two of the most well known options for credit by examination.

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Finding Educational Opportunity

Mohawk Valley Community College announced the opening of an Educational Opportunity Center in downtown Utica to combat a percentage of adults with a college degree that is 10% behind the New York State average.

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The Benefits of Balancing It All

New information from the Apollo Research Institute indicates that non-traditional students who must balance both school and work at the same time earn a higher return on their education investment compared to traditional full-time students.

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Earn College Credit for Life Experience With DSST

DSST tests allow non-traditional students to earn college credit by exam for their valuable life experiences.

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A Statistical Argument for Going Back to School

In a recent report issued by Georgetown University, analysts provide insight as to just how much you stand to benefit by having a college degree.

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