37 million:

The number of Americans who have student loan debt.

Save Money with DSST

We understand that your child's future is extremely important to you, however, we also understand the financial impact it may have on you and your family. That's why DSST is a great option when it comes to saving money and helping your child succeed. Much like an AP exam, your child can test out of a course prior to entering college AND receive college credit by taking a DSST exam.

Benefits of Taking a DSST Exam:

  • Save money: DSST exams are only $80-$90 compared to $750-$2,700 for a 3-credit college class.
  • Save time: Accelerate your child's degree by fulfilling required college courses more quickly.
  • Reduce student loans: Manage your loan debt by borrowing less money.
Locate An Institution

Here's How It Works:

  • Search our large database of over 2,000 colleges and universities your child is interested in attending to see if that school accepts DSST for credit.
  • If credit is accepted, select the exam you would like your child to take.
  • There are many available resources to help them study for the exam.
  • Once prepared, they can use any of our testing sites that deliver the exam — there's likely a location near you!

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