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What American Presidents Think About Education

It is a well-known fact that education has helped many people socially mobilize and advance in America. Many of today’s most powerful leaders achieved their goals by pursuing higher education, gaining significant experience, and working hard. In honor of President’s Day, we are sharing some powerful quotes from American presidents, present and past. Read closely — a common thread that ties these words together is the hope that everyone will be able to fairly access a superb education. 

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Save More Money While You’re In School

Books. Tuition. Lab materials. Pursuing higher education is a commendable decision, but can also be an expensive one, especially when mandatory school costs start to add up.  Fortunately, there are several small ways that you can lighten the burden of these extra expenses and keep more money in your pockets.  Read these five tips to find out how you can cut costs and stay on top of your academic plans.

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