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The Only Checklist You Need for Changing Your Major

Whether you’re headed to college at 18 or seeking a degree at 38, landing on a major can be one of life’s toughest choices. Perhaps that’s why at some of the nation’s most well-known universities, more than half of students switch their major. In fact, many schools have replaced the term “undeclared” with “exploratory” to shine a more positive light on the fact that for most of us, trial and error is a completely acceptable way to decide on the right major. Long story short, if you’re contemplating making a switch, you aren’t alone. And we’re here to help with a checklist to consider before taking the leap.

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Financial Aid 101

Sharpen those pencils, charge those laptops, and listen up because it’s time to talk money. If you’re headed to college this year, you might be wondering how in the world you’re going to pay for it. To make the bills bearable, many families take advantage of financial aid. With $150 billion available in student aid annually, it’s a valuable resource for those who know how to capitalize. Below are three key ways to secure financial aid like a pro.

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Learning How to Learn Again: Tips on Returning to School After a Hiatus

From serving in the military to starting a family to following a passion, there are many reasons you might experience an extended break from school. If you’re re-entering the world of academia after a hiatus, it’s normal for the transition to feel nerve-racking. You may be worried you’ve forgotten how to study properly or that you won’t fit in. In reality, you’ve probably attained useful new skills while away from school that will help you inside the classroom, and your professors and peers will admire your persistence. At the end of the day, managing the shift comes down to one big thing: preparation. Properly preparing yourself and your family will start you on the right track for accomplishing your educational goals. 

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