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The key to acing that career fair? SOAP!

You have your degree. You have the drive. You just need a chance. Sound familiar? Then it could be time to check out a career fair. As large and hectic as career fairs can be, it’s undeniable that they serve a purpose in connecting companies and candidates who may not have found each other otherwise. The key is treating your career fair encounters like mini interviews. To do that, we recommend memorizing one word: SOAP. Be Selective, Open-minded, Attentive, and Professional.

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Best Careers for Veterans: The Sensational Seven

Planning a civilian career after your tour of duty is over takes courage, focus, and motivation. Luckily you have all three, but there are questions. How will you fit into a workplace where it seems less is at stake and the projects seem less vital? Will potential employers be convinced that the leadership and technical skills you’ve acquired in a military setting can be adapted to the civilian world?

Most importantly, which careers are most suited to the traits you bring to the workplace: namely, mental toughness, discipline, and a powerful drive to learn? This article introduces you to careers that are particularly well suited to your experience as veteran, so please explore.

If you’re curious about how much college credit that experience is worth, start with a DSST practice test.

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