3 Steps to Stay Focused In The Age Of Distraction

With the internet at your fingertips, more TV channels than ever before, and the daily pressures of everyday life that come with being a nontraditional student, staying focused while doing homework or studying can be a challenge. Fortunately there are steps you can implement to avoid the lure of distractions and get your work done efficiently.

1. Schedule Study Time
By planning in advance exactly when and where you’ll spend time doing homework or studying, you can alleviate some of the stress related to not knowing when you will fit in that mid-term paper or when are you going to have time to read that chapter before your next class. For example, you can schedule one hour each night after your kids have gone to bed and before your favorite TV show comes on. It sounds simple, but this small effort can help you get your work done at a time when you know you’ll be free of most distractions, and in a place where you are comfortable.

2. Make a To-Do List
Lists with deadlines keep you on track and help in prioritizing what must be done and when. If you have a clearly planned agenda for the homework that must be done and the exams that must be studied for, you are more likely to stay on task during your scheduled study sessions. What’s more, you’ll get to experience the satisfaction of checking off each item as you complete it!

3. Log Off Your Social Networks
This may be one of the most difficult steps, especially for those students taking classes online. Because there are times when the urge to check Facebook yet again is simply irresistible, there are programs available, like Anti-Social (Mac users only), which block online social destinations for a designated period of time (i.e. study time) while still allowing access to everything else.

It may be harder than ever to stay focused, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible!

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