3 Ways to Get a Degree for Less

By Latrica Williams of YourStatClass.com

According to recent reports, the cost of a 4-year degree at a public institution is approximately $10,000.  That value only reflects tuition and fees.  If room and board is included, the cost will be more.  With analysts predicting that the cost of tuition will continue to increase, I always advise students to find ways to reduce costs while still perusing their dream of obtaining a college degree.  Below are three great ways to save money while earning a degree.

Test Out of College Courses

DSST offers exams that allow students to test out of college courses.  The cost of each exam is only $80.  Taking one of these exams can be very cost-effective.  If you are very knowledgeable in a specific area, view the list of exams offered by DSST and take an exam to save on costs as well as time. 

Find Scholarships

There are thousands upon thousands of scholarships available.  Some scholarships are broad while others are based on specific interests.  Granted, it takes time to search for them but the payoff will be well worth it if you’re awarded the scholarship.  If you’re eligible for the scholarship, apply for it.  Always apply even if the monetary amount appears to be small.  Your Stat Class offers a scholarship to pay for the cost of the DSST Principles of Statistics exam.  The amount of $80 may seem trivial but every little bit counts!  The 2014 Your Stat Class Scholarship is also currently available.  All are encouraged to apply!

Take Courses at a Community College

Community colleges typically offer the same courses for a fraction of the cost of universities.  Many states use a common course numbering system.  If, for example, “ABC 1990” is offered at the university and community college, take the course at the community college to save money.

Other honorable mentions include using used textbooks, attending college in-state rather than out-of-state and attending public institutions rather than private institutions. 

Latrica Williams is the founder of Your Stat Class and an Associate Professor of Mathematics. Follow her on Twitter.


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