3 Ways To Get Ahead During Thanksgiving Break

Many students take advantage of Thanksgiving break by relaxing and eating turkey. And while we fully encourage slowing down every once in a while in order to avoid burnout, lengthy breaks from classes can also provide an opportunity for those who are truly motivated to get ahead in college, and in life. Spending just one hour per day on one or all of the following activities in between football, stuffing, and spending time with family can keep your brain focused throughout the break, making it easier to return to class and finish the semester strong come December.

1. Get A Head Start on Studying for Finals
Since most final exams are a review of the entire semester, which can understandably be hard to cram for in a couple of days, kicking off your studying this far in advance gives your brain the time it needs to truly absorb the material you’ll be tested on. Need some study tips? Check out this infographic for a quick overview of when, how, and how long to review your material for those upcoming exams.

2. Take A DSST Practice Exam or Mini Quiz
Though you’re undoubtedly swamped when classes are in session, Thanksgiving break can be a good time to assess which DSST tests you’re well suited for so that you can take advantage of the time and cost savings that come with the exams vs. taking a traditional college course. Try one or more of our 5-question online mini quizzes to get an idea of how well you know certain subjects, and once you’ve narrowed down the test you want to take, try a full online practice exam to determine if you’d pass an actual DSST test.

3. Read!
Whether it’s an assigned title or the latest edition from the Twilight saga, studies show that both leisurely reading and critical reading can benefit the brain in significant ways. Specifically, some ways in which reading can help you get ahead include: 1.) the reduction of stress, 2.) an increased vocabulary, 3.) improved memory, 4.) and improved writing skills.

Use these suggestions to keep your brain sharp over the break and gain an advantage over your turkey-stuffed peers when classes resume.

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