4 Essential Career Resources to Help Military Veterans

A military career provides a solid foundation for many civilian professions. In a survey of post-9/11 veterans conducted for the Department of Veterans Affairs, 60.6 percent of respondents said their military experience was relevant to their civilian job. And as VetJobs.com puts it, “today’s military is the most highly trained, technically capable, verifiable, diverse, and teamwork-oriented workforce in the world today.”

So, how can you make a smooth transition? If you’re formulating a plan for your post-military career, here are four essential resources to help you get started.

1. Vetted Lists

Military.com published this list of the “35 Most Valuable Employers for Military” as compiled by Civilian Job News. Many of these companies, like Wells Fargo, Northrop Gruman, and GE, make a concerted effort to hire veterans and have sections on their websites with career information specifically for U.S. military veterans. 

G.I. Jobs surveyed 228 employers to find out which jobs they are recruiting for and created a list of “Top 25 Hot Jobs for Veterans 2016.” The list includes information on salaries, projections for growth, education requirements, and more. 

2. Online Tools

Military.com has an online tool to help you translate your military skills to civilian jobs. Enter your branch of service and military job title to view civilian job openings you might be qualified to do.

And VetJobs offers a free career advisor assessment, a report that evaluates your aptitudes and personality in comparison with people succeeding in civilian careers.

3. Job Fairs

Recruit Military hosts veteran recruiting events all over the U.S. Find an event in your city here.

Veteran Recruiting offers virtual career fairs, where participants can upload a resume, build a profile, and visit virtual “booths” hosted by employers.

4. Transition Support Organizations

The USO Transition 360 Alliance provides a range of services to help U.S. military personnel and their families transition back to civilian life after service ends, including pursuing new career paths.

VA for Vets, an initiative of the Veteran Employment Services Office (part of the Department of Veterans Affairs), offers resources such as a military skills translator, resume builder, and Federal job search, to help veterans and transitioning military service members find meaningful careers.

The TAOnline.com (Transition Assistance Online) career site offers resume and job search tools, a list of military-friendly companies, small-business jobs, transition guidance, and other resources.

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