5 Tutoring Websites and Apps for Students

Find yourself struggling to get through a practice problem? Wondering how you can get quick help on a homework assignment? Below is a list of great tutoring services that you can find on the web or your mobile device. Ring in the New Year with a greater focus and a new study tool! 

1. Tutor.com To Go App: This real-time app allows you to chat with a tutor for one-on-one help. The app’s “live-session” feature makes sending pictures and files easy, allowing you to receive feedback on a variety of assignments. Also, tutor.com/MILITARY provides access to the Department of Defense online tutoring program for all US Army, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, Reserves, Wounded Warriors and deployed DoD civilian families. This resource offers test prep services, along with assistance in proofreading and tutoring for 16 different subjects.

2. S6 Tutoring App: This app’s unique feature incorporates timed mock tests in various subjects. The tests include instant marking for immediate feedback. Also, the app has an innovative scribble pad that allows you to complete homework assignments with the tap of your finger.

3. SmartThinking: There are several different ways students can achieve the help they need via SmartThinking. SmartThinking lets students ask questions, submit writing assignments for review, and schedule 30-minute appointments with a tutor for advanced help. This website is open to users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

4. InstaEDU: This private tutoring service is available 24/7 for immediate homework help. Their “lesson space” feature allows the tutor to engage via video, audio, and text chat. Read the individual tutor reviews and feedback to see which tutor fits your personality best.

5. CourseHero: CourseHero is an online study tool that students can use to upload documents to share among peers. Along with uploading documents, CourseHero also provides tutors that have 24/7 availability. Their notably quick turnaround response of 15 minutes or less makes them a very time-effective resource.

Comment below with helpful study resources you have used that we might have missed!