6 Resources To Help You Ace Your Next DSST Exam

You’re all signed up for your next DSST Exam. There is no time to waste — start studying today! These resources can help:


1)  Test Prep Books & Ebooks: The DSST Official Test Preparation Guide, filled with study tips, sample test questions, and subject matter overview is available online for just $24.95. The guide provides 10 different DSST exam content outlines, and there are now also individual exam ebooks available here for $9.95. Additionally, the Official Guide to Mastering DSST is available on Amazon for less than $20!

2)  Instantcert.com: InstantCert Academy was one of the first to offer online college exam preparation, using a technique called Interactive Textbook Computer Based Testing software (ITCBT). In fact, many of our Facebook fans swear by this study method. A special thanks to Edward Morales for the helpful tip he shared with us on the page - “Here is a discount code for 25% off the first month at InstantCert. Code: 78817.”

3)  Peterson’s: As an official DSST partner, Peterson’s DOD website provides proven test prep materials for military members and funded civilians, free of charge. Here you’ll find items like online books, practice tests, official DSST fact sheets, and more.

4)  iStudySmart: Another official DSST partner, iStudySmart has created in-depth study courses for 25 of the currently available DSST exams. These courses include assignments, study forums, practice exams, and a study schedule. DSST students can save $30 with coupon code: UZNPFTX.

5) EducationPortal: This unique website offers fun and engaging video lessons designed to help students pass college credit exams. Currently completely free, EducationPortal has courses available for 3 different DSST exams. However they add new lessons each month, so it’s worth continually checking back here to see if they’ve added the exam you’re preparing to take.

6) Online Practice Exams: Official DSST practice exams remain one of the best ways to assess how well you’ll do on the real exam, while offering insight into the areas you should focus remaining study efforts on. Just $5 each, practice exams can be accessed here.


Have you tried any of these resources before? Are there other websites or books we missed? Leave us a comment and share your feedback below!

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  1. Paul Hastings says:
    February 26, 2014

    InstantCert.com was fairly helpful. I didn’t use the flash cards but the forums were golden. People were friendly and eage to help out. I think membership is $20/month but you can save 25% your first month with the code: 91529.