A Statistical Argument for Going Back to School

With the current state of the economy and an unsettlingly high unemployment rate, being secure in your finances and your employment is more important than ever. Many people are opting to cut back on spending in order to save more, or put in extra hours at the job in fear of being laid off - but what if making a better way for you and your family was as simple as earning a college degree?

Perhaps you’ve never associated “simple” with “earning a college degree,” and that’s perfectly understandable. Most non-traditional students are unaware of the many resources available to them which can make the often expensive and time-consuming process less of a burden. College credit by exam programs like DSST, for example, allow students in unique circumstances to take tests for college credit for just $80. No more scrambling to find (and pay for) a babysitter every day of the semester, and no more living on frozen dinners to afford your current classes. With DSST exams (formerly known as the DANTES exam), you can earn a semester’s worth of credits in a single sitting, and for a fraction of the cost.

If you’re still making excuses, here are a few statistics which might change your mind:

In 1973, only 28% of jobs required a college degree. By 2018, that number is expected to reach 63%. (Reuters)

The unemployment rate for those with at least a bachelor’s degree was 4.3% in July. For those with “some college,” that number increased to 8.3%. For high school graduates, the unemployment rate was reported at 9.3%. And lastly, for those with less than a high school degree, the rate shot up to 15%. (The Wall Street Journal)

Workers with associate degrees reported weekly earnings in 2010 that were 23% higher than workers who didn’t go beyond high school. (The Wall Street Journal)

Don’t let the short-term fears of taking out loans and staying up all night to study deter you from making such a life altering decision as going back to school. In a climate where everything from jobs to the stock market is hardly a sure thing, a college education may be your safest investment.

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