Adult Learners: Stay Motivated and Earn College Credit

Not everyone can take the traditional route when it comes to earning college credit. For some, the ability to go straight from high school to college isn’t financially possible. Others arrive at college eager to learn only to be pulled away by outside problems. The time just wasn’t right, but no matter the reasons these individuals will always have the opportunity to attain their degree or earn college credit later in life.

For many adults earning a degree can be the accomplishment of a lifetime. This is most likely because these adult learners (working professionals who attend school part or full time) find themselves juggling so much more than a typical college student. A full time job, kids to shuttle from school to soccer practices, bills to pay, and family dinners to cook are all on their plates.

It can be an especially daunting task and many adult learners lose the motivation as the semesters get more difficult. Many question their abilities before their degree programs even start, wondering, can I do this? What will my friends and family think? Will I be able to even afford it?

We’re here to tell you that you can. Don’t lose that desire you have within you to go back and accomplish your educational goals. Just think of how proud your mom/dad/sister/brother/daughter/son/niece/nephew/husband/wife/coworkers will be of you! You can do it! A great way to stay motivated and lighten your class load is by taking a DSST college credit exam; the best kept secret in college education. 1,900+ institutions of higher education grant credit for DSST exams. With exams in 38 subjects the chances are great that there’s at least one test that’s right for you, probably more. Earning college credit is a mouse click away.