Are You Burned Out?

By Your Stat Class

There comes a point in many college students’ lives where they become exhausted with school. We can all agree that attending college is hard work especially between studying, completing homework, writing papers, taking exams, and working on group projects. You remain focused and  determined despite all the work you have to do because you want to reach your  goal of graduating with a prestigious degree.

Well, working too hard will burn you out. As a result, negative thoughts will begin to creep in. You will start telling yourself, “I need to take a semester off”, “I’m so over it”, or “I don’t feel like going to class.” As a professor, my comrades and I never want our students to feel unmotivated about attending college. I often remind my students that it’s only four years of your life — and if you live to be 80 years-old, four years isn’t a long time. 

So how can you avoid getting burned out? 

1.  Always Remind Yourself of Your Long-Term Goals:  A great way to remind yourself is to place sticky notes on the bathroom mirror, circle your anticipated graduation date on your calendar, or use positive daily affirmations.  These constant reminders allow you to stay focused on the main goals.  If your goal is to obtain a degree that will help you reach your career and financial goals, staying focused on it will help you realize that one day all of your hard work will pay off.

2.  View Each Semester as a Step towards Graduation:  Students often view their graduation date as four years away.  While this is true, viewing each semester as a success of its own places things in perspective.  Every completed semester moves you one step closer to graduation.  You should be proud of yourself for what you’ve accomplished thus far!  Thinking of college as steps rather than one big leap shows progress!

3.  Enjoy the Things You Love during Breaks:  During breaks, I often hear students state that they’re going to study, get a head start on assignments, or catch up on homework.  Although these are great things to do, you’re not allowing yourself to take time off.  These breaks are implemented for a reason!  So make the best of them and genuinely take a break!  Use the time to enjoy your favorite things such as hobbies or family time.  As a result, you’ll feel rejuvenated when classes begin. Just remember that you’re in school for a reason.  So, don’t lose sight of that goal.  Use these tips to avoid getting burned out! 

Latrica Williams is the founder of Your Stat Class and an Associate Professor of Mathematics. Follow her on twitter

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