Bettering the Success Rates of Non-Traditional Students

As a program that provides adult students with college credit exams so they can spend less money in tuition and more time earning a degree, Prometric’s DSST Credit by Exam Program truly understands the unique needs and responsibilities of today’s non-traditional student. That’s why we’re excited about the recent announcement from The University Professional & Continuing Education Association (UPCEA) and InsideTrack regarding their partnership to engage in groundbreaking research on factors affecting nontraditional students’ success, and to promote best practices for improving higher education outcomes among adult learners.

UPCEA, the leading association for colleges and universities engaged in professional, continuing, and online education, and InsideTrack, a leading provider of student coaching, plans to conduct a unique benchmark survey, publish a joint report, and co-host an educational webinar as part of this initiative. Says Robert Hansen, CEO of UPCEA, about the partnership: "UPCEA takes very seriously our responsibility to serve as an important resource to colleges and universities serving nontraditional learners. That is why we launched our Center for Research and Consulting (CRC) and partnered with InsideTrack.” Kai Drekmeier, founder and president of InsideTrack, continues: "Our collaboration with the CRC will provide many exciting opportunities to identify how we can increase graduation rates for working adults."

This research marks a very important step in bettering the education of non-traditional students and making sure that opportunities which exist for them are geared towards their specific needs and lifestyle, much like DSST exams already are. By earning college credit through DSST, a non-traditional student can save both money and time - two especially important factors for adult learners. Adult learners just choose from one of 38 available subject exams, schedule their test, and earn a total of three college credits in a single sitting.

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