Big Test? Get Enough Sleep To Ace It

Most students are so busy with classes, work, and just the general craziness of life that it is not uncommon to wait until a couple of days before a big exam to start studying. Though this method can work for many, it is also crucial to sleep well the night before a test, or all the cramming will be for naught. If your body is exhausted, consider your brain even more so. 

So, what should students do to try rest their brains and get plenty of sleep the night before a test? Here’s a list of tips to keep in mind: 

·   Set a good daytime schedule at least a few days beforehand. Avoid naps and too much caffeine. This will confuse your body if you try to go to bed early (or on time!) and you will not get any restful sleep.

·   Try to get a really good night’s rest at least 2 nights before your exam.

·   Avoid caffeine starting at noon the day before the exam so you’re tired enough to sleep that evening.

·   Do not do any strenuous exercise the day before an exam. Light exercise can help, but too much will be too exhausting for your body.

·   Listening to relaxing music while studying can be helpful.

·   Stop studying 2 hours before bed to help your mind unwind.

·   Take a shower or bath a couple of hours before bed to relax your system.

·   Avoid sleep aids that help you fall asleep if you do not normally take them. You will likely wake up drowsy and too groggy to do well on the exam.

·   If you find yourself unable to sleep, don’t go back to studying! Most likely none of the studying done once you’re tired will be retained. Lying in bed, relaxing, and trying to think of anything but your upcoming test will be more beneficial. You’ll probably fall asleep faster than you think!

The morning of your big exam, wake up a little earlier than usual and have a high protein breakfast while reviewing your notes. Then congratulate yourself on a job well done and smile that you’ll be the most prepared and alert in your class.