College Credit For Heroes - Helping Veterans Enter the Workforce

Veteran unemployment, of which the nationwide percentage is 12.1%, is a constant issue we fight to address by allowing these brave servicemen and women to take tests for college credit and earn a degree with the valuable life-skills and experience they already have. Going back to school after service can be both emotionally and financially challenging for veterans - an unfortunate fact that often leads to skipping out on a degree and struggling to find a job. Luckily, there’s a new program available that seeks to reduce the burden and make it easier for veterans to quickly and efficiently earn college credit and, ultimately, enter the workforce.

College Credit for Heroes is a Texas-based initiative launched by Gov. Rick Perry in July 2011. The program provides seven community colleges found in areas with the highest veteran populations with $3 million to develop curriculum that make it easier to earn credit for experience and graduate faster. “The knowledge and skills our veterans bring back from service are an important, and all too often untapped, resource for our communities,” said Gov. Perry of the initiative. “While we can never fully thank them for their service to our nation, I am proud of the steps we took this session, which will help veterans and military service members transition to civilian life by applying their skills and experience to help them graduate more quickly and save money on tuition.”

If you’re one of the 1.8 million veterans living in Texas, consider attending any of the following seven schools at which the College Credit for Heroes program is being developed:

1. Alamo Colleges, San Antonio
2. Central Texas College, Killeen
3. Lone Star College System, Greater Houston Area
4. Lee College, Baytown
5. San Jacinto College, Houston
6. Houston Community College, Houston
7. Temple College, Temple

Four of these schools either accept and/or administer DSST exams, which makes it even easier for our veterans to graduate. With DSST tests (formerly known as the DANTES exam), veterans and other non-traditional students can avoid lengthy semesters and high tuition bills by earning college credit by exam for just $80. Focusing on the same principles as the College Credit for Heroes program, DSST aims to provide more veterans with the college credit they need to graduate and enter the workforce. Together we can reduce the high veteran unemployment rate and allow those who fought for our country to live the life they deserve after service.

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