Cool Cybersecurity Jobs Do Exist

If you think cybersecurity only consists of technical roles, guess again. There are several job titles within this profession that require diverse skillsets and work backgrounds. Beyond job security and high pay, a career in cybersecurity offers you the chance to be challenged by your work each and every day. As cyber criminals continue to discover new ways to penetrate online systems, cybersecurity roles continue to evolve in order to meet growing needs in the information security field. Here are some cool cybersecurity jobs that are actually worth looking into.

Penetration Tester

This role is extremely valuable in the cybersecurity field. Penetration testing, commonly known as “pen testing”, involves the consistent test of a computer system or network to identify any vulnerabilities that an attacker can exploit. Penetration testers collect information about their target, find possible entry systems into a computer network, and attempt to “hack” their way in before reporting any findings. Through this process they are able to determine security weakness, a first step for many cybersecurity professionals when they are trying to figure out how to strengthen an organization’s network. Penetration testers are seen as ethical, white-hat hackers, who use their problem solving skills to protect others online. 

>>Want this job? To excel in this career, it is vital that you learn back-end languages such as C, PHP, Python and Ruby.  In order to break into a web application, you must be able to think like a developer.

Computer Crime Investigator

This role is great for anyone interested in criminal justice and technology. A computer crime investigator is responsible for recovering data from computers that can be used for prosecution against hackers or other cyber criminals in court. They train law enforcement on computer related issues, recover encrypted files, write up reports, gather evidence, and often testify in court. Like penetration testers, they sometimes are responsible for testing security systems through hacking to make sure organizations have an optimal online security system in place.  Computer crime investigators have very versatile roles, as they can earn a living working for consulting firms, corporations, or law enforcement agencies.

>>Want this job? Make sure you are familiar with the latest forensic and attack methodologies. Computer crime investigators are often the point-persons in their information security teams when it comes to assessing and fixing a problem.

Chief Information Security Officers (CISO)

If you dream of one day becoming a boss or leading an organization, this is a role you should set your sights on. To be a good CISO, you not only need to have the technical skills to thwart attacks, but you must also be a business-savvy, process-oriented thinker. CISOs are senior-level executives that are responsible for influencing security culture and implementing strategy plans that ensure digital and physical assets are adequately protected. From a management standpoint, they are seen as a leader in their organization and oversee several divisions, including human resources, information technology, legal, and communications. CISOs often have the creative freedom to take operational risks when it comes to creating top-level guidelines and cybersecurity tactics.   

>>Want this job? Usually these positions are acquired through years of experience and amassing a large knowledge on information technology and information security. Make sure your resume showcases your diverse experience in the cybersecurity field.

Interested in finding out about more cool cybersecurity jobs? Add these job titles to your research list:

  • Disaster Recovery Analysts
  • Security Arhcitect
  • Intrusion Analyst
  • Forensic Analyst
  • Incident Responder
  • Exploit developer
  • Security Software Developer
  • Security Auditor