Cybersecurity In The Movies: Using Media To Teach Your Homeschooler About Tech

Hollywood is no stranger to the cybersecurity world. With the emergence of personal computers during the late eighties, “futuristic” conceptualizations of dangerous cybercrime have become popular scenes in dramas and thrillers. If your homeschool student loves computers and is interested in learning more about cybersecurity, consider having them watch one of the following films on our list. Although some of the visualizations of cybersecurity in these films may be a bit underwhelming and outdated, they do provide a clear depiction of how challenging and rewarding a career in cybersecurity can be.


This movie is about a young boy who was banned from using computers on his 18th birthday after police arrested him for creating a computer virus. When he is a bit older, he and his friends uncover a plot for another dangerous computer virus, and the group must utilize their computer knowledge and skills in order to thwart the plan.

The Net

Starring Sandra Bullock, this film follows a software engineer on her first vacation. However, she’s unable to take some peaceful time off because she gets caught up in a computer espionage case.

The Matrix

A cult classic, this film is about a man who is a programmer by day and an evil hacker by night. Through underground hackers, he uncovers the true nature of his reality and the role he plays in helping a malevolent cyber-intelligence group “dominate” the world. 


This movie follows the life of a Stanford grad who works as a programmer in the private sector. However, after a huge tragedy occurs, the programmer begins to uncover the dark truth about his company and finds himself entangled in a web of cybercrime scandals.


Two college friends end up following different paths after they leave school: one becomes an ethical hacker while the other becomes an international techno-criminal. When the ethical hacker gets caught up in a fishy cryptography job with the government, the two friends meet again, now thwarted against each other by their pasts and the present.


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