DSST’S 17 Reasons to Save $17 in 2017

In the spirit of turning a new leaf, DSST is offering a $17 discount on any test through January 31, 2017. If that’s not enough to convince you to earn college credit for the knowledge you already have, perhaps our list of 17 reasons will.

1. It’s 17 bucks! That’s like two burritos.

2. With more than 30 exams covering subject areas from the social sciences to technology, there’s bound to be one for you. See the full list here.

3. Not hungry for burritos? $17 can also get you a really good car wash.

4.  Accomplishing your educational and career goals is one heck of a New Year’s resolution. The gym will be a zoo anyway.

5. If you’re in the military, your training may have already given you the knowledge needed to earn college credit by taking a DSST test.

6. This deal starts now and ends on January 31! Talk about motivation.

7. Our realistic practice tests provide a great excuse for skipping out on household chores.

8. Passing a DSST exam can get you closer to graduating, which can get you closer to your dream career.

9. Many reputable institutions accept DSST credit, making it easier than ever to start your next semester at the appropriate level. Find a school near you.

10. Earning multiple college credits in one afternoon is just plain sexy.

11. The $17 discount is just the beginning. Earning college credit by taking DSST tests could save you thousands on tuition.

12. If quickly earning college credit is how you kick off 2017, imagine where you’ll be by 2018.

13. The Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that on a weekly basis, there is a $459 difference in earnings between those with a high school diploma and those with a bachelor’s degree.

14. In the time it took you to read the first 13 reasons, you could be well on your way to earning college credit. Ready to start? Sign in or register here.

15. Passing a DSST test is much more fulfilling than browsing your friends’ newsfeeds.

 16. DSST provides test centers across the country, making it easy and convenient to test out of subject matter you already know.

17. There’s never been a better time than now! Save $17 on your next DSST test by entering code “TAKE17OFF” by January 31st. Start here.

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