Earn College Credit: A College Degree is Essential to Job Advancement

Findings from a new report from the Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP), reveal that a college degree will be essential for millions of adults in the near future.

The report “Not Just Kids Stuff Anymore: The Economic Imperative for More Adults to Complete College,” states that the demand for college-educated workers should rise to 16 percent by 2018, while the number of high school graduates will diminish over the next decade. As a result a growing number of adults will need to earn college credit or a degree to remain competitive with younger applicants for jobs.

We can help. By taking a DSST exam in one of 38 subjects you can use the knowledge gained from your professional experience to obtain college credit quickly and affordably, and do so on your own schedule.

A few more academic credits can make a huge difference, allowing you to:

  1. lower the cost of your college education. Each DSST exam costs only $80 (some test centers charge an additional sitting fee).
  2. further your career goals. Keep up with the ever increasing demands of a competitive workforce.
  3. gain confidence that you can perform at a college level.
  4. graduate faster.
  5. save extra money to spend on your family’s needs.

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You didn’t get to where you are in life by taking the traditional route. Why start now?

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