Earn College Credit for Life Experience With DSST

In early August 2011, DSST launched the “A Penny Saved Is a Penny Learned” contest on our Facebook page. Offering free DSST tests and a grand prize of $750, we asked non-traditional students from all walks of life to share with us their story of earning a college degree through untraditional means.

On August 26, we selected our first winner, Heather R. After graduating from high school, Heather spent some time living in England and working various jobs. “Classrooms and textbooks could never replace the knowledge and insight gained through these rich life experiences,” Heather tells us in her contest entry. But unfortunately financial struggles and difficult life circumstances prevented Heather from reaching her dream of becoming a teacher because she was unable to finish and receive her college degree, regardless of her exceptionally good grades.

Thanks to DSST, Heather was able to get back on track and complete her undergraduate degree. The life experience that she gained over the years and during her time in England didn’t go to waste; rather she was able to use these rich experiences to earn college credit by exam, and at a manageable cost.

With the average cost of a single college course – or three college credits – topping $700 and consisting of several months of study, it’s hardly far-fetched to suggest that, without DSST, Heather would not have been able to earn her undergraduate degree and pursue her Master’s as she is now.

With DSST tests, you can earn three college credits for just $80 (plus a sitting fee) and in a single sitting – two important aspects that made all the difference for Heather, and the many other non-traditional students who take advantage of DSST exams each year.

Says Heather of her experience with DSST: “I’m dusting off my ‘impossible’ dreams and thinking of them as possibilities again.” With DSST, you can too.

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