Four New Online Study Resources

online study toolsStudying is time consuming, but for most it's a necessity. So how can you make the whole study process easier? There are several new online study tools that could help -- you just need to know where to find them.

The educational landscape online is changing, with new companies that provide online study resources popping up daily. We found four great startups that can help you study with a little added ease, and prepare you for your next exam or class:

1. Tutor Matching Service: Just launched this summer, this tutoring-focused service has partnered with several colleges and universities as well as a variety of tutoring centers. The aim is to make tutoring services more accessible to students who need one-on-one learning. Tutors are available in a wide range of subjects and offer competitive rates.

2. Mytestbuddy: Specifically designed for students prepping for a competitive exam (such as the GMAT), this tool sets you up with a study group -- a collection of your peers who are all studying for the same exams. Groups usually bring together no more than four to five students who can connect via shared notes, messages, etc.

3. Studycopter: Another exam-focused study resource, Studycopter delivers resources to students that will help them fly through a study session. It can also map a student's performance and build the perfect preparation plan ahead of a big exam. A combination of practice exams, study resources, practice questions and more contribute to the study plan, and since students can access the engine from anywhere (even mobile), it's about as convenient as a study resource could be. A free seven-day trial is also available.

4. OpenLearning: This startup has actually been around for a couple of years, but has recently improved its features. OpenLearning provides an accessible way for students to access classes and lectures across a variety of topics and subjects. These online courses give students the ability to learn from several different perspectives and in different styles, perhaps giving them the opportunity to find what works best for them. And -- big plus -- students can sign up for free to access the online courses.

What study resources have you used to help ace your exams?

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