Great Web Resources for Math Help

By Your Stat Class

Math is probably the number one subject that students find the most challenging.  Sometimes completing the homework isn’t enough for many students.  Because of this, students often look for additional resources to help them succeed in the course.  With that being said, students regularly tell me that they don’t know where to look for additional resources.  When searching the Internet, students are bombarded with millions of results.  It can be quite overwhelming.  So, I have provided a list of resources below.

Purple Math:  A web source for algebra help.  The site includes lessons with worked-out examples as well as learning forums. 

Wolfram Math World:  It’s an extensive renowned resource for mathematics.  Topics include Algebra, Applied Mathematics, Calculus and Analysis, Discrete Mathematics, Number Theory, Probability and Statistics, and Topology.

Your Stat Class:  A great resource for learning Elementary Statistics.  The site includes a free textbook, over 30 videos, and over 800 homework and quiz problems. 

Khan Academy:   The site has an extensive library of help videos for various math topics.  Interactive assessments can also be found on the site.   This site offers lessons, examples using a special calculator feature, and worksheets for help with algebra.

Hippocampus:  Free educational resources (e.g. content videos, animations, and simulations) for topics including Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Probability and Statistics.

These sites are highly recommended.  I personally use them and recommend them to the students that I teach. 

Please note:  The aforementioned list is obviously not a comprehensive list of all of the resources available via print or online.  These sites are simply ones I recommend.  A simple Google or YouTube search can result in millions of additional resources. 

Do you have a favorite web resource for help learning math?  If so, please feel free to add them by commenting below!   


Latrica Williams is the founder of Your Stat Class and an Associate Professor of Mathematics. Follow her on Twitter.

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