House Bill 72: A New Law for Non-Traditional Students

Non-traditional students all over the country often look to DSST tests in order to earn college credit for the knowledge they already have. But if Colorado lawmakers have their way, being awarded credit for life experiences such as relevant employment or time served in the military could soon be a state law.

Republican Rep. Tom Massey said the goal of their recently presented proposal is to allow students to graduate faster and move into the job market quicker and easier “if their experience applies to some college courses.” According to Massey, that could be “someone who has spent months in the military working on a submarine who has gained technological expertise or a writer who can get credit for an English or literature course.”

Known as House Bill 72, the proposal would direct the Colorado Commission on Higher Education to work with public colleges in order to develop a system for awarding credit for experiences by July 1, 2013.

There are a number of institutions of higher education in the state of Colorado that already grant college credit for a passing DSST exam score. These include Adams State College, Colorado Christian University, Colorado Northwestern Community College, Colorado State University, Community College of Denver, Pikes Peak Community College, Regis University, amongst others. However, the level of acceptance varies from institution to institution; from accepting just one or two exam titles for credit at a particular department within the institution, to a college-wide acceptance. The challenge is to have all Colorado institutions of higher education accept credit by examination as a viable, trusted form of prior learning assessment.

Though it is not yet known whether the bill will pass or not and what the implications of implementing the proposal might be, non-traditional students can always count on DSST to offer exams for college credit in a variety of subjects which they may already be familiar with. For just $80 per exam (plus a sitting fee), DSST tests (formerly known as the DANTES exam) provide students the opportunity to graduate college in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.

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