How To Improve Your Grades At The End Of The Semester

You can see the light at the end of the tunnel… summer is almost here! But that also means the semester is quickly coming to an end. Even if you feel inclined to check out mentally, it is extremely important to give it your all now, especially if your academic performance thus far isn’t top-notch.

Feeling down about a grade? Wondering how you can boost your GPA by finals week? Use these tips and tricks to guide you and your grades in the right direction. 

  • Talk with your teacher. Ask to review past assignments and exams to unearth your most common mistakes. If your current class grade is wavering between a C and a B, show your professor that you care. The extra effort that you put in could be the push you need to reach a higher-grade mark. 
  • Extra credit. Think of extra credit as a gift; sometimes it is offered, sometimes it is not. In the case that it is, these assignments can help you make up for poor grades. If it is not offered and you are concerned about your grade, do not hesitate to ask your professor for customized extra credit opportunities.
  • Participation points. Raise your hand, answer questions, and join in on the discussion. Nine times out of ten, a teacher will award a student more points for participation in class – so speak up!
  • Utilize office hours. Remember those office hours your teaching assistant has? These can be extremely useful in getting additional help. This one-on-one time can be beneficial in helping you understand the material you need to know to ace your final exam, and is also another opportunity to show your professor that you care about your academic performance.  
  • Study with friends. More brainpower never hurts! Study with classmates to receive help from students who may understand certain aspects of the material better than you do. Share your knowledge by answering any questions your peers have. Working with others is a proven way to enhance learning and better retain the material.

The best way to improve your grade is to be active and get involved. Put in the effort and your grade will reflect that. 

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