How to Keep Your Momentum Up During the Holidays

It’s that time of the year again. With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays -- buying gifts for loved ones and traveling to see family members -- it’s easy for students to lose focus during winter breaks. Your level of momentum can waver from time to time, especially as personal responsibilities continue to grow and school assignments become more challenging. Keeping your brain active and engaged during your time off from school can give you the boost to perform academically well in the New Year.

Look ahead and start early. The best way to stay prepared and disciplined for an upcoming class is to stay one step ahead of the game. Use your downtime during winter break to get started on readings and assignments for your spring semester classes. Being able to knock out some assignments before classes start up again will ease your schedule and provide you with more time to manage other tasks.

Read motivational books. Reading is a great way to keep your mind stimulated. It builds vocabulary and keeps the brain sharp. Stop by your local or school library and check out some motivational books along with your pleasure reads. These books will provide endless reminders and heaps of advice on how to stay disciplined. The Success Principles and The Power of Positive Thinking are great starters.

Learn something new. Balance out a rigorous study schedule with a new and fun hobby like painting or cooking. Studying for exams and trying to pass courses can be hectic at times, making it hard for students to find the time to explore beyond the classroom. Learning a new skill takes discipline, motivation and focus, which in turn can improve your long-term memory. This is an essential way to prepare your brain to acquire new academic-related information. 

Continuously set goals for yourself. To maintain your momentum, it is important that you continue to set new goals for yourself and seek to attain them. A low-stress way to do this is by working on puzzles and logic games. Set a goal to complete a crossword or Sudoku puzzle at least once a week and you will notice that over time these fun tasks will become habit. You can also trade in puzzles for personal chores that need to be completed, such as cleaning up your home or categorizing recipes.

Find time to relax. It is important to remember to enjoy your breaks in between tests and classes. Getting a massage or opting for meditation is essential for your mental and physical rejuvenation. Also, be sure to get enough sleep. An active mind cannot work without time to reboot itself. Give yourself a true break by tapping into the things you already love to do, whether that’s exercise, napping, or watching films.

How do you keep your momentum up during the holiday season?

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