How to Stick to Your 2013 Education Resolutions

Research shows that only about 8% of people stick to their News Years Resolutions, a fact that may be a bit disheartening for nontraditional students resolving to study more, stress less, or finally graduate in 2013. Fortunately, there are ways to make better education resolutions that you’re more likely to follow through on:

1. Focus On the Benefits

While a resolution to study more may seem daunting and unexciting, resolving to graduate with a 3.0 or higher GPA will keep your motivated throughout the semester. By focusing on the benefits of sticking to your resolution, versus the actual tasks you’ll have to complete, you’ll feel less reluctant about hitting the books for an additional hour or two each week.

2. Remember!
It sounds silly, but often times people slack off on their resolutions simply because they forget about them. Keep your education resolutions front and center by writing it in a sticky note and placing it in a highly visible area (your fridge, your computer, etc.) reminding you of what you’ve resolved to do.

3. Make A Plan
If you resolve to improve your GPA, for example, it’s crucial to lay out the specific steps you’ll need to accomplish in order to achieve your 2013 goal. Will you spend one Saturday per month studying instead of going out with friends? Exchange 30 minutes per day of TV for thoroughly reviewing your homework? Go to bed one hour earlier on nights when you have class the next day?

4. Tell Someone… or Better Yet, Everyone!
It’s no surprise that telling someone else about your resolution increases your accountability and, ultimately, the likelihood of following through with your plan. You can either let someone (a friend, spouse, professor, etc.) know face-to-face, announce your resolution via social media, or even use a fun online tool like Stikk, which lets you document your goal, set the stakes, invite friends for support, and more.

What are your 2013 education resolutions? Tell us in the comments below!

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