How to Study For a Science Test

Vocabulary terms, hands-on experiments, extensive formulas …OH MY! Science exams really aim to test your knowledge through a wide variety of classroom modules, which can make studying for a science test quite tricky! Below are six studying tips specifically aimed at students who are preparing for an upcoming science exam. 

  1. Brush the dust off your science textbook and READ IT. There is a reason why the teacher assigned the book. Reading your assigned chapters will help the brain further develop the concepts you learn in class. This essentially makes it easier for you to understand science material that is often extremely dense.

  2. Have your highlighter ready! HIGHLIGHT KEYWORDS. Science tests focus heavily on vocabulary and key terms. Summarize key points in a note next to each paragraph. This will be helpful when re-reading the chapter and act as a refresher of what you already read.

  3. Your memory is enhanced when you write things down. OUTLINE THE CHAPTER. It is easy to lose focus while reading. Creating chapter outlines in your notebook can help retain the information you are studying and keep you from using your textbook as a pillow!

  4. If no one is around to quiz you, quiz yourself! MAKE FLASHCARDS. Mastering science vocabulary overtime is extremely important. Flashcards and online videos are very helpful for studying.

  5. Did your teacher repeat a super important word five times and even winked when she said it? BE RATIONAL. It is no surprise that you will probably see that super important word on the test. Try to think about what was stressed and emphasized in class, on homework assignments, and in your textbook. Know the general topics and work from there.

  6. Practice makes perfect! PRACTICE TESTS are extremely beneficial and will give you an idea of what to expect. Don’t go in blind-sided. If a practice exam is up for grabs, study the material first and then give the practice exam a shot! Once you are finished, check the answer key and see what areas you need more help in.

Do you love learning and studying about Science? Listed below are some of the Physical Science exams that DSST provides:

  • Astronomy
  • Environment & Humanity: The Race to Save the Planet
  • Here’s to Your Health
  • Physical Geology
  • Principles of Physical Science I

Which one interests you?


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