Military Friendly Schools

Military friendly schools are defined as institutions which constantly recruit military students and focus on establishing military friendly programs that encourage these non-traditional students to complete their education. One of these schools is the University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO), recently announced as a top university for military friendly environments for the third consecutive year.

At UNO, a university that both accepts and administers DSST exams, military students can obtain a general studies degree featuring different areas of concentration that are specially designed to meet their needs. Couple this with the ten credit hours granted for each year of military service and the on-site advisors who are trained to work with veterans and military members, and it’s easy to see why UNO repeatedly makes the military friendly list. Some other military-focused perks offered at UNO include:

• Online degree programs
• Veteran's services office on campus
• ROTC programs
• Advisors to help with career placement
• Childcare on campus

For those military students and veterans who are unable to attend UNO or any of the other schools cited as military friendly, adjusting to college life can be a bit more challenging. Fortunately DSST provides this unique group of non-traditional students with a method for earning college credit quickly and cheaply, allowing for less time spent in the classroom surrounded by 18-year-old peers they often have nothing in common with. By offering exams for college credit based on what these brave servicemen and women already know, DSST tests (formerly known as the DANTES exam) make it easier for veterans and military members to graduate college and enter the workforce.

Is your university military friendly? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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