Non-Traditional Student Wins Second Round of DSST Contest

If you’re a DSST Facebook fan, you’ve probably heard about our most recent announcement: we’ve just selected the second winner for the “A Penny Saved Is A Penny Learned” contest — Congratulations, Brooke S.!

The contest, a chance for students from all walks of life to win free DSST tests (formerly known as the DANTES exam) and a grand prize of $750, is a call for stories of earning a college degree through non-traditional means. This time around, the batch of entries was even more inspiring than the last. So why did we choose Brooke?

A 4.0 student, Brooke was never aware of the option of completing college courses without attending classes at a university. Because of this, she chose to go to work instead of school, and moved up the ranks of employment without a college degree. It was only after the birth of her children that she felt a passion for something, and decided to enroll herself in a degree program in Maternal Child Health.

Using the DSST program, she was able to earn 24 credit hours for a fraction of the time and money it would have taken her in a regular college setting. Brooke was so empowered by what DSST helped her achieve that she now dedicates her spare time to helping others realize what DSST can do for them at her resource center. 

Remember, an average three-credit college course often tops $700 and takes over three months to complete. With DSST exams, you can earn those three college credits for just $80 (plus a sitting fee) and in a single sitting, helping students like Brooke live their lives while getting their degree.

Have an untraditional story about how you’re earning your degree? There’s still time to enter the contest before the final drawing on October 26, 2011. Tell us your story, and our next blog post could be about you!

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