The Army Career & Alumni Program: Preparing Our Veterans For Employment

In today’s economy, even the most qualified individuals can have a hard time finding employment. Couple this challenge with the physical and emotional problems many face when returning home from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and it’s no wonder so many veterans are struggling to secure a good job.

DSST works hard to provide opportunities for our brave servicemen and women by offering exams for college credit at a low cost. Fortunately there are many other programs out there who are fighting the same fight. ACAP is one of them.

The Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP) at Fort Bliss was set up to help veterans transition to civilian life. This process, which can take up to two years, includes a variety of ACAP services that, first and foremost, prepare soldiers to market themselves for employment. ACAP provides help to veterans in the following areas:

  • Resume writing
  • Translating military skills into civilian language
  • Job interviews & job searches
  • Dressing professionally for a job interview

According to Randy Stovall, Transition Services Manager, ACAP at Fort Bliss helps 4,000 veterans find jobs each year. For those who’d prefer to go back to school before entering the workforce, DSST tests provide a time and cost efficient solution. With a single exam in a single sitting costing just $80 (plus a sitting fee), veterans can even begin to earn college credit while receiving services and guidance from ACAP and other programs like it. In fact, Webster University, nearby Fort Bliss, offers DSST exams to veterans and other non-traditional students.

Are you a veteran who has received support from a program like ACAP? What was your experience like?

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