The Benefits of Balancing It All

High unemployment rates, even higher tuition costs, and the challenge of squeezing 40 hours of responsibilities (school, work, family) into each 24-hour day - it’s about time non-traditional students got some good news! As it turns out, balancing a part- or full-time job while working toward a college degree has its advantages.

Non-traditional students are a diverse group, but usually consist of adult learners over the age of 23 who not only finance their educational expenses on their own, but also work 25-40 hours per week while attending classes. Often these students are active military members, veterans, single mothers, or baby boomers. But regardless of specific situations, new information from Dr. Tracey Wilen-Daugenti, Vice President and Managing Director of Apollo Research Institute, indicates that “those who earn a college degree while employed can expect to earn on average a 22% return on their educational investment, compared to an average 12% return for traditional full-time students.” Yes, you read that correctly - by working and attending college simultaneously, you’re actually increasing the value of your education, thereby increasing your potential for success upon graduation.

As a program that helps non-traditional students from all walks of life quickly and cost efficiently earn a degree, we’re thrilled to hear that DSST test takers actually have the upper hand. We hope this information provides some comfort when the stress and frustration of doing it all becomes overwhelming.

DSST, formerly known as DANTES, is a unique college credit by exam program suited to the specific needs of non-traditional students. Though an average 3-credit college course costs around $750, earning three credits via a DSST exam costs just $80 (plus a sitting fee). What’s more, DSST tests are taken in a single sitting, and allow for studying and learning on your own time. Which college course do you wish you could’ve taken a DSST test for instead? Tell us in the comments below!

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