The Facts on Single Parent Students

Recently the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) published findings that twelve percent of students enrolled in post-secondary academic programs are single parents (with one or more children depending on their income for survival).  These parents have less money to pay for their own educational development, have greater needs to meet when their financial aid does not cover the costs of living, and they accumulate more debt than students without children (they must factor in the cost of feeding, clothing, and educating their offspring).   

Single parents have ten times more debt after graduating than their childless classmates. Kevin Miller, a Senior Research Associate that compiled some of the IWPR’s data, feels that “with adequate aid and support for nontraditional students, colleges and universities- especially community colleges- can be an affordable and effective way for student parents to obtain skills and credentials that lead to stable, better-paying employment.”

Here at Prometric, we believe that DSST can provide student parents with some of that much needed support in the form of exams for college credit. DSST (formerly known as the DANTES exam) is a cost-effective solution for many students, but especially beneficial for anyone who is working and raising a family while attempting to earn a degree.  With 38 different subject tests, many universities accept DSST scores as the equivalency of a 3-credit class. And at $80 per exam (plus an sitting fee), students can earn credits without having to take out expensive student loans.

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