The Sequester & Your Tuition

military tuition assitanceThe Sequester everyone was talking about last month resulted in budget cuts across many government-run programs. And for a while, it was threatening tuition assistance for active military members and veterans. Here's what you need to know:

1. Early in March, both the Army and Marine Corps suspended their Tuition Assistance (TA) programs, preventing active-duty military personnel within these organizations from submitting new requests for assistance. The Air Force then followed suit, suspending their own program. The Navy considered the suspension, but never acted on it.

2. Only two weeks later, Congress voted to force military institutions to provide tuition assistance to all active-duty personnel, saving the program for those serving in the Air Force, Army, and Marine Corps. The reinstatement of Tuition Assistance for active personnel is a sign of the military's commitment to education and improving cognitive abilities among their ranks.

3. While both houses of Congress ruled to reinstate Tuition Assistance across the board, no funds have been set aside to support the move, so the three military organizations that originally suspended assistance will have to find ways to implement sequestration budget cuts without touching Tuition Assistance.

During this time, the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES), an organization dedicated to supporting military and veteran education, never stopped funding DSST exams as an alternative to earn college credit. Our program remained an option for brave servicemen and women looking to cost and time efficiently receive a college degree.

Students in the military, as well as their spouses, have the option to earn credit in up to 38 subjects through the DSST credit by exam program. And because this college credit opportunity is conveniently located at more than 500 military installations across the country, thousands of military personnel have already experienced the power of DSST tests. Over 1,900 higher-education institutions grant college credit to those who take and pass the exams, helping to propel those who fight for our country toward their education and career goals.

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