The Technology Adjustment for Non-Traditional Students

For adult learners who are now returning to the classroom after being absent from lecture halls for many years, it is clear that times have changed and technology has taken over. Students now take notes on their iPads, type papers on their laptops, and access course textbooks - even entire courses at times – online.

As if the stressors that are unique to non-traditional students going back to school aren’t enough, learning and adapting to the digital world we now live in can present an entirely new challenge to overcome. On top of balancing a family and full-time job while trying to keep up in their coursework, these hardworking adult students must also learn the ins and outs of social media, smart phones, tablets, and more - and how all of these things apply to the classroom.

While some older students are well-versed in the technology of the times, the growing population of baby boomers returning to school due to the poor economy has increased the number of students on campus who may feel left behind.

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