Top 4 Apps For Adult Learners

Going back to school is one of the best decisions you can make for your career, your family, and your income, but that doesn’t take away from the huge challenges that adult learners face when reentering the classroom. From time management to organization to getting back into the groove of studying, the process can be overwhelming. Fortunately, today’s technology provides an arsenal of digital apps perfectly suited to help busy non-traditional students. Here are our top 4 tablet/mobile apps that will get you straight to the top of your class:

1. Evernote
Evernote is a powerful and free app that allows you to take quick and easy notes right on your device. What’s even better is that you can transfer these notes to all of your devices, and add video, voice, and graphics as needed.

2. Studyblue Flashcards
Studyblue Flashcards is the digital version of the traditional flashcards we all used years ago. Use this app to set reminders and a study schedule before a big test to keep you on track -- A great help for those who are juggling school, work, and family all at once.

3. Graphing Calculator
If you’ve ever purchased a graphing calculator, you know it can be just as expensive as a textbook. The Graphing Calculator app allows you to graph and plot equations just like a standard graphing calculator, but wrapped up in an easily downloadable app that costs just $1.99.

4. School Helper
School Helper is your ultimate school schedule app. Various app features allow you to organize your daily schedule, set reminders, alert you of upcoming due dates, set a study schedule, tracks grades, and even take notes.

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