Top Holiday Gifts for Students

The holidays are almost here, and no matter what you celebrate, it’s a time to enjoy the company of loved ones, take part in longstanding family traditions, and... give and receive gifts! But what do nontraditional students really want - and need - for the holidays? Read on for DSST’s top holiday gift ideas for the adult learners in your life.

1. Coffee

When you’re juggling work, school, family, homework, and more, getting enough sleep every night can be tough, leaving you tired, sluggish, and/or struggling to stay awake and alert. Since you can’t give energy as a gift, why not get your favorite non-traditional student a Starbucks card or, better yet, one of these single-serve coffee makers?

2. An E-Reader

Nowadays, more and more text books come in an e-book format (A.K.A. eTextbooks!) An e-reader is the perfect gift for your student friend or family member who would otherwise have to carry heavy textbooks around. With an e-book, they will have ALL their study material at the tip of their fingers, all the time!

3. A Monthly Subscription to Health

Like getting enough sleep, eating healthy and exercising regularly can go out the window when you’re busy. Thankfully KlutchClub, a monthly subscription service, delivers handpicked boxes of holistic health, fitness and wellness products to help nontraditional students stay on track. 

Nontraditional students have unique needs, and these gifts are designed to fulfill them. What gift do you want most this holiday season? 

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