Top Resources for Military Students on Twitter

Active military personnel have their tuition assistance back, which is great news! Students are now able to return to their studies. But balancing military commitment and education can sometimes be a challenge.

To support those students in the military, several resources are available. In fact, some of those resources are easier to find than you might think. If you're plugged into social media, especially Twitter, you can benefit from following these Twitter handles that provide great information to military students. Here are just a few of the top handles to help you navigate the world of higher education as a military personnel and/or veteran:

@MilitaryDotCom is the online home of the largest military and veteran membership organization in the country. The education section provides news and updates while making the information students need accessible and easy-to-understand. And the same can be said about their 140 character updates on Twitter. Follow them to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in military tuition assistance and education benefits.


Focused on providing resources, support, and advocacy, this is the Twitter handle for Student Veterans of America, an organization on a mission to help student veterans succeed in their higher education goals. The Tweets are meant to communicate opportunities and information that student veterans can use on their educational journeys and on their further quest to find meaningful employment.


The official Twitter account of the Department of Veteran Affairs delivers information and resources to all military veterans. Tweets actually come directly from an Iraq veteran named Alex Horton, who has a direct line to the department and understands what veterans need to succeed. While the Tweets cover a variety of veteran-specific topics, education is regularly discussed and if you have any questions, they are welcome.


Describing itself as the largest wartime veterans organization, the American Legion is dedicated to strengthening the veteran community and the nation at large. The legion supports education by providing scholarship opportunities to veterans and their families. Their Twitter handle is an extension of the services they deliver and a way for them to communicate opportunities for their members and all veterans and military personnel.

Find a full list of helpful tweets on our Military Resources list. What military or education-focused accounts do you follow on Twitter?

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