Top Twitter Accounts For Students to Follow

With over 140 million active users posting an average of 400 million tweets per day, Twitter has become the go-to social network for real time news, updates, and communication. But can it also be useful in the classroom?

According to a 2012 study from Michigan State University, “courses that engage students on Twitter may actually see higher interaction and better grades.” The idea behind this premise is that Twitter continues the conversation outside of the classroom, allowing students to feel “connected to something real” by being continually engaged on the topic of their education via a channel they are already using for personal reasons.

Even if your professors have yet to utilize digital tools for course communication, there are still ways for all students to find educational benefits in the regular use of social networks like Twitter. Get started by following these accounts:

1. @Cliffs_Notes, tweeting new commentary on classic texts, and updates on new study guides, quizzes, and other helpful content published on their site.
2. @TweetMyJobs, sharing resume advice and real-time job openings.
3. @HuffPostCollege, for the latest news on education, college lifestyle, and more.
4. @FAFSA, so you never miss an update on available grants, loans & work-study funds to cover your education costs.
5. @YourUniversity, for information regarding registration dates, major sporting events, school wide events, school holidays and/or closures, etc.
6. @GetCollegeCred (yes, that’s our account!), for DSST exam-related information, motivational quotes, test prep tips, and other resources for students from all walks of life.

Has Twitter been useful to you in your pursuit of a college degree? Tell us how in the comments!

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