Try An Alternative Spring Break To Get Ahead

It’s that time of year again…spring break! While everyone else is packing up his or her suitcases for a trip to a tropical island, you’re stuck on campus wondering what you’re going to do. Don’t let this time go to waste! Here are some alternative spring break ideas that will help you use your time off as a way to continue enhancing yourself.

College visits. Whether you’re looking to attend graduate school or not, institutions typically offer opportunities for college students to see what graduate life is like. Sit in and audit a class, check out the school’s main library, or simply sit outside on the quad and observe the scene. If you are interested in higher education, definitely use this time wisely! Speak with admission officers and other graduate  students to learn more about their experience. Spring break photo

Test Prep for a DSST Exam. Studying may not sound like your ideal spring break, but it will all be worth it when you pass an exam and are suddenly three or more credits closer to graduation. Use your time off to organize your resources, buy textbooks and gather your materials. Studying doesn’t have to be boring! Listen to music, have a friend quiz you, and afterwards reward yourself with an ice cream sundae.

Volunteer. Is there a cause you’ve always wanted to support but haven’t had time to because of your class schedule? Give a helping hand during your spring break to an organization or community in need. Clean up a local park or plant flowers in a local community. Volunteering is a great extracurricular activity that helps develop leadership skills and winning character qualities. Find causes that you can devote your time to this spring break through Volunteer Match.

Be active.  Even though you won’t have to worry about being “beach ready,” staying active can help the brain stay sharp. Take a trip to the gym or get outside and play sports with your friends. Try an activity that you haven’t tried before. Avoid wasting your time off as a couch potato; doing so will further discourage you and cause you to lose momentum for your classes.

How do you plan on spending your Spring Break?


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