Where Will Your Degree Take You? - Top 10 Careers for College Grads

In today’s competitive workforce, it can be helpful to know about the industries that are hiring heavily when choosing a major in college and thinking about your future career. Listed below are the best careers for college graduates based on job openings in the coming years. 

10. Web Developers and Computer Network Architects — If you are a computer guru, you can play a crucial role in the development of web design and network systems. Ranked as one of the fastest-growing careers, job openings continue to increase.

9. Sales Representatives — Whether the business is a manufacturing company or a medical firm, many companies are looking to hire entry-level sales representatives who can make a good first impression on their buyers. If you are an outgoing, goal-oriented person, this could be the job path for you.

8. Mechanical Engineers — According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were over 200,000+ jobs in this field in 2010, and an estimated 9% growth rate over the next ten years.

7. Insurance Sales Agent — Health, life, and property insurance are amongst the areas that are constantly hiring new employees. People are living healthier and longer lives, keeping the job for insurance sales agents in high demand.

6. Management Analysts — As a result of the economic recession in 2008, managing businesses efficiently and successfully is of utmost importance. This job hires at entry-level, with a bachelor’s degree requirement, and is a great job to pursue for career advancements.

5. Elementary School Teachers — Can’t get enough of school? A national growth of job openings for elementary school teachers will soon soar as the Baby Boom generation of teachers begins to retire.

4. Computer System Analysts — Calling all detailed oriented computer wizards! Jobs involving planning new computer systems and creating technology solutions will be in great demand come 2020 with an expected 22% increase in job openings.

3. Market Research Analysts — Market researchers are hired to collect information based on consumers’ wants, needs, and desires. The urgent need to fill these positions is what makes this career among the top three.

2. Accountants and Auditors — Money, Money, Money! The number of accounting jobs continues to grow, with a projected growth rate of 16%. College graduates with a master’s degree and CPA exam under their belt are the best candidates for such a competitive job.

1. Software Developer — Holding the number one spot, openings for software developers have a projected 32% growth rate by 2020. Having a bachelor’s degree in mathematics or computer science can land you a spot with a career in the best job for college graduates.

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