Quiz: Which Major Is Right For You?

Different colleges offer a variety of programs for you to learn and master new skills. With the plethora of class offerings that abound at most colleges, it can often be difficult to figure out which program would best suit you. This quiz is in no way meant to be a predictor tool for your academic success, however it does make a point to highlight your interests. Take the quiz to identify your academic strengths and which program of study may be right for you!


1) If you didn’t have tons of homework due for class tomorrow, how would you spend your free time?

a. By reading a book, watching a play, or listening to music

b. By meeting new people and going to events to learn new things

c. By programming a computer game or thinking up a new experiment

d. By playing Sudoku or sketching out the floor plans of your dream home


2) Which one of these courses would most interest you?

a. An Exploration of Milton’s Paradise Lost

b. The Meaning of Dreams

c. Apes and Humans: Genetics As a Common Link

d. Data Visualizations Through Number Theory


3) The perfect date would include:

a. A trip to a museum, a talk by your favorite thought leader, or a concert

b. A comedy club, a documentary screening, or people watching at a cafe

c. A cooking class, a trip to a pet store, or stargazing

d. A Lego building competition, a Poker game, or a discussion with Warren Buffet


4) When shopping for back-to-school supplies, you love purchasing:

a. Art supplies

b. Journals to take notes in

c. A lab notebook

d. A graphing calculator


5) Your favorite games most likely include:

a. Words with Friends, Scrabble, Pictionary

b. Life, Monopoly

c. Cranium, Trivial Pursuit, Operation

d. Sudoku, Dominos, Chess


6) Your favorite book genre is:

a. Classics

b. Mystery

c. Science Fiction

d. Self-help or Business



If you scored mostly A’s: HUMANITIES – You love to dabble in the arts and can spend hours reading a book, listening to new music, or having a philosophical discussion with friends at a dinner table. For you, expression is of the essence and your interests are strongly linked to your creative skills. Find programs that focus on writing, designing, drawing, acting, painting or thinking such as English, Theatre, Art History or Philosophy.


If you scored mostly B’s: SOCIAL SCIENCES – You are extremely introspective and love to understand why people do the things they do and make the choices that they make. Your interrogative skills are your strong suit and often times you find yourself deeply contemplating other people’s statements or actions. Your interest in society makes any program that involves critical thinking, interpersonal skills and analysis well suited for you. Find programs that focus on these aspects, such as Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology or Political Science.

If you scored mostly C’s: SCIENCES – You’ll never pass up the chance to try out a new experiment or to play around on a computer. You revel in the natural world around you, love testing out new ideas and think the periodic table is extremely cool. You also approach the world in a very deductive and methodic way. Find programs that allow you to enhance your problem solving and data analysis skills, such as Chemistry, Astronomy, Environmental Science or Computer Science.


If you scored mostly D’s: QUANTITATIVE REASONING – You’re all about using data to inform strategy and execution. You get a thrill at being able to solve huge math problems in your head and can make informative decisions with facts rather than assumptions. Your analysis and logic skills are your biggest assets and you value pragmatism over idealism. Find programs that suit your interests such as Mathematics, Engineering, Economics or Business.

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