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The 6 Keys to Transferring College Credits

A 2014 study by David B. Monaghan and Paul Attewell at City University of New York provided some interesting stats on transferring college credits:

-14% of community college transfer students were able to transfer 10% or less of their credits to a four-year college.

-28% were able to transfer between 11% and 90% of their credits.

-58% were able to transfer 90% or more of their credits.

We put together the following six tips to help you fall into the last group, with the hope of being able to transfer 100% of your credits!

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A College Education: The Best Investment You'll Ever Make

The price of a college education has been rising faster than inflation for years causing many higher education critics to harp on the worth of a college degree. Some have even argued that higher education will be the next bubble to burst. For those critics, and those personally questioning the value a college degree will have in their lives, we offer this bit of evidence.

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