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Uncommon Uses for 3 Common Degrees

As another school year approaches, you may find yourself wondering how certain degrees are utilized in the real world. The truth is, every degree offers a surprising amount of flexibility. No matter how focused your track is, you probably have more choices than you realize. Once you know what’s out there, you can pursue what interests you. To help with that, we’ve chosen three of our more traditional test topics and explored how unique their career paths can be.

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Quiz: Which Major Is Right For You?

Different colleges offer a variety of programs for you to learn and master new skills. With the plethora of class offerings that abound at most colleges, it can often be difficult to figure out which program would best suit you. This quiz is in no way meant to be a predictor tool for your academic success, however it does make a point to highlight your interests. Take the quiz to identify your academic strengths and which program of study may be right for you!

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