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The 6 Keys to Transferring College Credits

A 2014 study by David B. Monaghan and Paul Attewell at City University of New York provided some interesting stats on transferring college credits:

-14% of community college transfer students were able to transfer 10% or less of their credits to a four-year college.

-28% were able to transfer between 11% and 90% of their credits.

-58% were able to transfer 90% or more of their credits.

We put together the following six tips to help you fall into the last group, with the hope of being able to transfer 100% of your credits!

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The Science of Studying: What Good Test Takers Know That You Don't

Forget memorization. Learn the science of studying from Jay Cross of DIY Degree, and you'll be ready to ace your next DSST exam. 

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College Credit By Examination: Is it For You?

Credit by examination programs allow students the opportunity to earn credits towards their undergraduate degree by taking a test. DSST (formerly known as the DANTES exam) and CLEP are two of the most well known options for credit by examination.

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