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Cybersecurity In The Movies: Using Media To Teach Your Homeschooler About Tech

Hollywood is no stranger to the cybersecurity world. With the emergence of personal computers during the late eighties, “futuristic” conceptualizations of dangerous cybercrime have become popular scenes in dramas and thrillers. If your homeschool student loves computers and is interested in learning more about cybersecurity, consider having them watch one of the following films on our list. Although some of the visualizations of cybersecurity in these films may be a bit underwhelming and outdated, they do provide a clear depiction of how challenging and rewarding a career in cybersecurity can be.

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Why You Should Consider a Job in Cybersecurity [INFOGRAPHIC]

Learn more about why cybersecurity is one of the hottest new job fields today. 

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The Identity Theft Crisis and Why Cybersecurity Education Matters

With the slew of online security breaches that have hit major U.S. companies and organizations, American citizens are increasingly concerned about catastrophic cyber attacks. Some people believe these online threats are primarily targeted at large infrastructures and not individuals – but that is not the case. The constant shift of online security procedures from commercial banks prove that cybercriminals do not discriminate. In fact, identity theft, the act of stealing someone’s identity to gain access to their personal assets and finances, is one of the fastest growing crimes in America. More than 15 million U.S. residents are victims of identity theft each year, leading to $50 billion in personal losses.

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