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The Psychology of Self-Teaching: Why Testing Out Makes You A Dream Hire

Being an academic superstar is great, but the unemployment line is full of straight A students who couldn’t hack it on the job. The skills that served them well in school -- following directions, writing papers, sitting still -- were not enough for the new game being played around them.

After years of paying attention to things that don’t predict extraordinary performance, Google has finally identified what does. Not coincidentally, they are the same entrepreneurial traits students develop by taking a self-taught, exam-based path to graduation.

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What You Should Gain From Summer Work Experience

Students love the summer because it allows them time to rest and re-energize after finishing up a tough year in classes. It’s also a season in which students can utilize their down time to learn something new, pursue career interests, or go on an explorative trip. If you choose to take a job or internship this summer, then be sure that you are prepared to both give your time and gain something in return. Here are five key things that you should remember while working this summer.

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